School Judo program launched in Nicaragua, promoted by the International Judo Federation
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The initiation of school sports is a teaching-learning process involving the objectives that are intended to achieve, the individual who learns, the structure of the sport and the didactic approaches that are used. This process of sports initiation is based on the acquisition of basic cognitive-motor patterns on which to settle the subsequent learning of decision making and the specific motor skills of a sport.

Judo as a school-age sport allows an integral physical education, enhancing through psychomotor knowledge, such as spatial location, perspective, laterality, joint and independent coordination of both hands and feet, and actions such as, throw, push, crawl, jump, roll, fall, among others; and of relation with other people, making use of the game and the fight like an integrating and dynamic element and introducing the technical, tactical and sport initiation of adapted form, besides looking for a general and suitable physical conditioning. This is the importance of school judo.

The International Judo Federation (IJF) and the Judo Federation of Nicaragua will implement in Nicaragua the judo school program for children from 9 to 15 years old, which will seek to offer children an extracurricular class after school, in addition to reinforcing the image of judo in the Central American country, as well as achieving cooperation among schools, government organizations and sponsors. The support of the IJF will not only be to provide materials for the practice of judo but also to advise instructors.

There are nine schools that chose throughout Nicaragua to start the school Judo program. In an interview with Donald Somarriba, president of the Nicaraguan Federation, he said why these 9 schools were chosen: "These are the largest districts in Nicaragua where you have a presence of judo, in this case, Managua, Estelí in the north, Chinandega in the west of the country, also includes Granada, Masaya, and Jinotepe. These are the most influential areas in Nicaragua where school judo will be "

Schools where the school judo program will start:

1. Marvin Francisco School (Municipality of Ciudad Sandino, Managua)

2. Tomas Martínez School (Municipality of Corinto, Chinandega)

3. Diocesan School (Municipality of Granada, Granada)

4. Elena Ortiz School (Municipality of Masaya)

5. Juana Elena Mendoza School (Municipality of Estelí)

6. Augusto Salvador Sandino School (Municipality of Estelí)

7. Carlos Fonseca Amador School (Municipality of Matagalpa)

8. Rene Schick School (Municipality of Jinotepe)

9. Villa San Jacinto School (Managua)

"The idea is to have as many students as possible per school, but the basic thing would be about 50 children, who fall in love with their parents together with judo, which is a good accompaniment for them to go along with the children in the teaching of judo, that will give us more solids for the future, that is the idea that we have, if there are more than 50 children for us it would be excellent "said the president of the FNJ.

About who would be the instructors of this program, President Somarriba said: "The profile we are looking for is to have experience in teaching children, whether it is 1st grade black belt to be in charge of these schools, at the same time we ask the IJF some training on school judo, because we know that it is totally different from competitive judo. It must be a values ​​judo. We have 4 coaches who have already done their practical exam of the IJF Academy, we are just waiting for the realization of their practical exam. "

At a competitive school level, Nicaragua has excelled in the Central America area, so judo is not unknown at this level, "We currently have good results at the Central American level in school events, this means that at this level, judo it is not unknown, what we have not had is the facility, the material a teaching methodology for children that now we are going to have with this program. We thank the President of the IJF, Marius Vizer, for all the support to this program, we hope very soon for his visit to Nicaragua and thanks to the Pan-American Judo Confederation for the support in the Pan-American area "concluded the president of the FNJ.

The objective of the program is not only to last a year and it is in 9 schools, but the agency responsible for sports in Nicaragua take it as an example and continue it in many other schools, you have all the actors to be able to give this relevance to this great program of the IJF.

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